Yang Won the Debate

Seriously, it is not an accident he is still on stage.

In a race between Biden and Sanders, I think Yang will surprise us all in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Inspired by Yang’s answer about “asking for forgiveness,” or “giving candidates a gift,” Yang suggested he did not need to ask for forgiveness about anything — and then said please correct me to the other Democratic candidates, and no one did. So he said he’d like to give his book to the other candidates and was honored that Senator Warren was reading it.

He suggested to viewers at home, to buy his book to learn more about his views and the 4th industrial revolution, so I did.

You, too, can buy Yang’s book here or here.

Really, it is extraordinary what Yang has pulled off. Very impressive indeed.

But you can tell from the things Yang says and the silence from the other candidates, and the way the media treats him, notwithstanding two-thirds of those running for President are not on the stage, the media and the other candidates don’t take him as seriously as they should.

Hopefully, that changes after Iowa.

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