WSJ: RI Teacher in His 40s who Contracted Wuhan Virus on a School Trip in Italy, Describes being “one inch from death”

From the WSJ:

A self-described germaphobe, Mr. Thibault isn’t sure exactly how he became infected. He said he used hand sanitizer constantly on the trip. But the group’s local tour guide said he felt like he was coming down with the flu, and he and Mr. Thibault passed a microphone back and forth to talk to the students. Mr. Thibault is unsure if the tour guide ever tested positive.

Mr. Thibault had no symptoms during the trip, but he felt unusually sluggish on the flight back to the U.S.

“Something is wrong,” he told his wife when he finally got home to Rhode Island near midnight on Saturday, Feb. 22. He went straight to bed, and then the next day, went to a walk-in clinic. Mr. Thibault has asthma, but he exercises everyday and said he rarely gets sick.

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