Why the Prospect of Uncertainty and Chaos will Keep Biden in the Race

As a thought experiment, let’s say Biden is convinced not to continue to be the Democratic Presidential nominee, which he won fair and square in a national primary.

First, does he resign from the Presidency and make Kamala Harris President?

Alternatively, Biden could choose to remain President and release the delegates to the Democratic convention. Their votes would be cast according to their conscience.

Supporters of Governor Newsom: Vice President Kamala and Newsom cannot be on the same ticket.

If President Biden could not switch out Vice President Kamala, what would be the likelihood of a new Democratic nominee for President picking someone else as their Vice President?

That assumes Kamala would sit idly on the sidelines at a Democratic convention and not throw her hat in the ring.

Does Buttigieg get into the race, Governor Witmore, or how about Gov. Newsom?

Vice President Harris cannot be Newsom’s running mate if Newsom wins.

The anti-Kamala vote would be for Newsom.

The chaos, disruption, and new divisions that would open up in the Democratic party four and a half months before the election are not worth it.

Going through all the chaos and uncertainty of picking a new Democratic Nominee certainly does not guarantee they will win against Trump.A divided Democratic party, with an untested nominee could certainly lose to Trump.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons to believe Trump would make mincemeat out of a rookie running for President — and could make such catastrophic unforced or forced errors, as to easily lose to Trump.

Democrats may be in panic mode, but do they relish uncertainty and chaos more?

The right play for Biden and the Democratic Party is for Biden to stay in the race.

Less uncertainty, less chaos and is a much better future for VP Harris, since if Biden wins and cannot continue, she is guaranteed to become President.



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