Why the GOP Should Thank Pelosi for Saving Them from Themselves

Ironically, Speaker Pelosi has done the House GOP a massive favor by refusing to seat two of the House Leadership picks for the January 6th U.S. House investigation committee.

While the GOP House leadership may warn that this gives the Speaker de facto power over committee assignments, in fact, she already had it — all House Speakers have had it.

And the fact that Speaker Pelosi acted on it, thus confirming this power, in this case, is a really very good thing for the public image of the House GOP.

Speaker Pelosi saved the GOP from outrageously embarrassing headlines splashed across the globe.

The damage done to the House GOP from those headlines would have been unrecoverable with the Rep. Cheney/Rep. Kinzinger wing of the GOP and maybe one of the few reasons a significant chunk of the GOP don’t walk.

I am pretty certain that Speaker Pelosi did not do her side any favors, even if both sides don’t see it that way.

Put it this way, Speaker Pelosi did not obey one of the biggest rules of partisan politics: never interfere when your opponent is in the process of destroying themselves.


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