Why are we Protecting and Rewarding the Afghan Security Forces who Fled and Surrendered to the Taliban?

Retreats in warfare are never pretty.

Especially when the enemy is attacking the retreating force and there are civilians being killed in ongoing military skirmishes and battles.

But, this is not what is happening in Afghanistan.

Thank God.

What we see now in Afghanistan is an ongoing retreat without being fired upon, despite the total collapse of the Afghan security forces, trained and armed by the U.S.

Can you imagine what would have happened if there was actual fighting?

What is happening is more of a cold war retreat, as opposed to a hot war rout.

The Taliban are (more or less) holding to the deal they made with Trump not to attack U.S. forces because of the fact that the U.S is leaving.

Biden is basically holding to Trump’s deal to leave, provided the Taliban don’t attack U.S. forces when leaving.

It pains me to say it, but the Taliban are honoring their deal, and if they did not, we’d be back in Afghanistan and there would be thousands dead, including hundreds of Americans.

But that is not what is happening.

No shots are being fired.

Slowly the Americans in Kabul are being flown out, and the numbers of the remaining Americans are dwindling as are the numbers of our Afghan allies — because we are flying them out for free.

Yes, the retreat and withdrawal could have been done faster, better, and more effectively.

But the blame for the embarrassing videos out of Afghanistan lay squarely at the feet of the Afghanistan security forces who decided they’d rather have Taliban rule than fight the Taliban.

The humiliating pictures and videos coming out of Afghanistan are about the allies, and the women and children who did not leave soon enough and were struck and then stuck, by the speed of the advance of the Taliban.


Because of the collapse of the Afghan security forces.

So, how many of the women and children are we helping whose fathers or brothers or uncles caused this disorderly retreat in the first place?

And should be rewarding those connected to the Afghan Security Forces who fled and refused to fight?

It’s easy to attempt to pin the blame on President Biden, but what sort of precedent are we setting to help those who handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban along with all of the U.S. supplied arms to the Taliban?

President Biden did not do that.

Basically, Trump and Biden negotiated a retreat without being fired upon.

And it held.

Retreats are ugly.

But retreats while being fired upon, killed, and captured are even worse.

Just to be clear, I am not advocating we leave our friends and allies who have honorably helped in Afghanistan, the translators, and others who have allied with us.

They should have been pulled out as soon as Trump cut the deal to leave, but Stephen Miller stopped it.

But this idea that the security forces that fled and surrendered without a fight, who were the root cause of the humiliation of our withdrawal should be allowed in the United States is simply beyond the pale.



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