When RFK, Jr. Questions Whether 1/6 was a “true insurrection,” it is Time to Sit Up and Pay Attention

What is RFK, Jr. tapping into by asking whether 1/6 was a “true insurrection?

It is a legitimate question to most Americans because while the media and cognoscenti keep saying Trump is guilty of an insurrection and suborning the constitution to stay in power after having lost the election and attempted to shred our tradition of the peaceful transition of power, Trump has not been charged with insurrection or crimes that approach the rhetoric used to describe his actions leading up to and on 1/6.

While RFK, Jr. is not saying, “Put up or shut up,” he may be nodding towards it.

The unanimous assessment among Trump operatives in DC I have spoken with, and every inside-the-beltway Trumpist all believe Trump is innocent of insurrection on 1/6 — and every one of them points to the same fact: former president Trump has not been indicted for insurrection.

Emphatically, Trump supporters believe:

  1.  Trump was not indicted for insurrection because he is innocent;
  2.  The government will never indict him for insurrection because they can’t prove it;
  3. Every case against Trump is a reaction to 1/6, and if Trump were not running for president, none of these cases would be brought;
  4. Therefore, Trump is being prosecuted unjustly, and Trump is innocent. Consequently, he is a martyr.  (For your supporters to believe you are a martyr, it helps if they also think you’re innocent.)
  5. The government has succeeded in creating a swath of voters determined to back Trump with the same fervor they believe he is being persecuted unjustly because he is a martyr, all because the government has not indicted him for his core, foundational crime of insurrection.

Every day that goes by that Trump is not indicted for insurrection, Trump supporters become more and more convinced he is innocent.

And persecuted.

And a martyr.

How about that dynamic is changed, huh?

Even the Trumpiest Trumpsters I’ve spoken to would like him to get his day in court on an insurrection charge, so confident they are of a win.

The voters deserve to know, in court, with rules of evidence where Trump can make his case, whether he is guilty of insurrection or not, well before November 5th, 2024, election day.

Otherwise, Trump and RFK, Jr. will continue to discredit and dispute the conclusion that Trump tried to stay in power and change the outcome of the election, and tens of millions of Americans will believe Trump is innocent because Trump insists he is innocent.

The delays of all of Trump’s trials have created this notion that “they have not gotten him yet,” or “he still hasn’t been convicted,” further compounding his supporters belief that Trump is innocent.

Justice delayed is justice denied has never been so true — it took more than two years of dithering and hand-wringing to charge Trump.

Now, Trump’s strategy of delays have convinced millions of Americans that because he has not gone to trial for his actions on 1/6 and has not been indicted for insurrection or convicted in any court for any of his 1/6 actions, he must be innocent — if not, he’d be convicted by now.

It’s pretty straightforward in their minds: he’s not guilty so he must be innocent.

For my part, I’d trade every single case against Trump in court now for an indictment and trial of insurrection before Nov. 5th.

The reality is that indecision cost the prosecution two years — the two years after January 6th it took to indict Trump.

This unacceptable and infuriating delay combined with Trump’s successful court strategy of every delay he can think of mixed with the slowness of the Supreme Court, could very well stop the voters from knowing the outcome of the 1/6 charges before the election.

These dithering justices and prosecutors have repeatedly given Trump the opportunity to attack the fundamental fairness of our courts and the integrity of our electoral system.

Surely the U.S. Supreme Court sees that its delays in deciding what Trump is immune from is allowing Trump to continue to discredit the American judiciary and legal system, and electoral system.

It is long, long past time for the courts, but especially the U.S. Supreme Court, to stop mucking about regarding Trump’s immunity, and move with alacrity to allow the 1/6 federal court trial to proceed.

If not, history will write how prosecutors created a martyr and allowed him to make unanswered broadside attacks against our courts and election system, which allowed Trump’s political allies in the Republican party and RFK, Jr., to discredit and delay all attempts a justice in the courts for 1/6 — to the point that vast swathes of Trump’s voters are convinced he is innocent.

Either indict Trump for insurrection — if the Supreme Court’s immunity decision arrives in time and allows the 1/6 trials to proceed — or Trump’s place in history will be forever disputed and blurred and his attacks on the court system which paint it as a tool for attacks on political opponents and witch hunts, will survive as the truth in the minds of millions.

Trump has put the integrity of the American judicial system on trial in the media and in public.

The Supreme Court  is facilitating Trump’s attacks on their branch of government by their long delay in issuing a decision on Trump’s immunity — which in turn is delaying Trump’s 1/6 trial.

The delay of the 1/6 trial combined with the prosecutors not indicting him for insurrection — is allowing Trump to launch the greatest and most sustained attack on the integrity of American courts, all while these delays create the impression that Trump is innocent and a martyr.

This situation is not only incomprehensible but is also irresponsible.

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