What Matters More? Black Children Like Mekhi James or Big City Politics?

John Kass in The Chicago Tribune.

The toddler was killed in Chicago’s street gang wars, one of more than 100 people shot over the weekend in the city, with 12 of those shot younger than 18. Included among the dead were two boys coming home after getting candy at a neighborhood store, a 13-year-old girl and Mekhi James.

The spike in violence in Chicago and other Democratic Party-controlled big cities, from New York to Los Angeles, is a function of street gangs, drug wars and politics. The elected social justice warriors demand little or no bail for the violent who are released back onto the streets. Broken public school systems serve power interests, not the poor. Tax policy kills business and job opportunities in troubled neighborhoods.

In urban America, Democrats have no competition. And all that matters to the political class is counting the votes.

Carried away in that river of violence, Mekhi James slips past your public anguish and your hand-wringing about why “something” isn’t done.

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