What Jussie Smollett and Rep. Omar have in Common

They are using charges of discrimination to intimidate law enforcement to not investigate their crimes and to manipulate a pliable media into favorable coverage

Jussie Smollett and Rep. Omar are both making public charges of racism to cover up their crimes.

Smollett, because he is gay and a Democrat, is claiming political and racial discrimination for good measure. 

For Rep. Omar, in addition to racism, its islamophobia and sexism too.

It is incredibly selfish on their part because when their crimes and guilt become known, they will have done great damage to the charges of racism, homophobia, and islamophobia.

They don’t care though. 

They only care that they are the center of attention.

They believe their fame and sympathetic media will help them broadcast their charges of racism and islamophobia and homophobia, and make the media carry out their public relations smokescreen, to cover up and deflect attention from their crimes.

And in the case of Smollett, his crime is to accuse Trump supporters of a hate crime.  He wants to further the media narrative of all Trump supporters being racists.

The media simply saw Smollett as a mechanism to repeat the charge that Trump supporters are racist, and now see Rep. Omar the same way — the story is a vehicle for calling Trump, and his supporters, racist.

And when Rep. Omar is charged with fraud, and she is convicted and resigns or is voted out of office, her charges of racism, islamophobia, and sexism will be seen by many, many Americans as a self-serving public relations ploy to deflect attention from her crimes and to intimidate law enforcement from investigating and charging her.

But just as AOC did when she called Pelosi a racist, and Sen. Harris called VP Biden a racist, Smollett and Rep. Omar’s lasting legacy will have been to illustrate to many American voters how charges of homophobia, racism, sexism and islamophobia can be hijacked for political reasons or to cover up crimes.

This, then, will cause a great deal of pause and doubt in the minds of the public when they hear charges of homophobia, racism, sexism, and islamophobia.

Smollett and Rep. Omar are actively discrediting these charges, now and in the future, so that with these charges will come a great deal of resistance to believing them — and for this, you can blame Smollett and Rep. Omar, with an assist from AOC and Senator Harris.

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