Value of those Workers Performing Critical Infrastructure Tasks is Being Re-evaluated

From the Las Vegas Sun:

These are people like the grocery staffers who stock shelves, ring up purchases and wipe down shopping carts with disinfectant. Like the restaurant employees who prepare and serve takeout meals. Like the convenience store counter clerks who ring up fuel purchases. Like the employees of retail stores and home improvement outlets who are helping maintain supplies of household necessities. Like the senior care and home care providers who are protecting our loved ones, our friends and our neighbors.

Let’s be clear, the work being done by these Americans was essential before the spread of novel coronavirus. In far too many cases, consumers just took it for granted.

Not now. The staff at grocery stores, restaurants and the like are among the heroes of this crisis, playing an integral role in keeping American households supplied with food and other necessities.

Granted, some chains set their baseline pay above the minimum wage, such as retail giants Walmart and Costco. Good for them, because offering higher wages helps attract and retain high-quality employees. It also helps the communities they serve by introducing more income into the mix, which in turn drives an increase in consumer spending.

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