US National Policy Should be to Assassinate Putin since he Threatened the West with Nukes (Again)

Vladimir Putin needs to be put down, like the rabid dog he is — and end the famine, inflation, war crimes, and killings he has forced upon the planet.

The world would be a much safer place without Putin.

Therefore, he needs to be killed.

If he is not, then sooner or later, he could very well make good on his repeated threat of using nukes — it’s the only way he can “win” — because of his incompetence in his own intelligence analysis of Ukraine, prior to his invasion.

Putin’s incompetence as commander-in-chief of the Russian armed forces is WIDESCREEN for all in the world to see.

Putin’s incompetence has crashed the Russian economy.

Putin’s incompetence has shown the Russian army to be corrupt and rotten as well as incapable of basic maneuvers like using tanks to move sustained distances across fields, forcing them onto roads where they form massive traffic jams and then, can be easily picked off.

Putin’s incompetence has shown his air force to be incapable of air superiority over Ukraine and his air defense units are highly vulnerable to effective missile attacks, which means he has great troubleshooting down Ukrainian air assets because his air defense systems keep getting blown up.

Putin’s incompetence has shown up (yet again) because he forced Europe into a massive energy independence campaign to remove any leverage Russia has over their economy — which has caused Russia to lose its largest oil and gas customer.

Germany has gone as far as seizing three Russian oil refineries in their bid to rid German dependence on Russian oil and gas.

Putin’s incompetence has shown up (yes, again) in his backing down of his threats to blockade Ukrainian grain only to allow it to be exported so Putin would not be blamed for tens of millions starving.

Putin’s incompetence can be summed up thusly: he has a warped and delusional view of Russian power based on his romanticized view of the Soviet Union’s fight against fascism and his great desire to relive the Soviet Union’s glory days at the height of its power — but now, Putin has destroyed the little status Russia had on the world stage by crashing the Russian economy, losing his largest oil and gas customers, forcing his army and air force into a war they can’t fight and are losing because their equipment is being destroyed wholesale and their soldiers dying — all while Putin has forced himself into being the great supplicant (suckee) of Xi.

I predicted it months ago, and will say it again, the one thing Putin’s incompetence will cause and has caused, is the Great Russian nation has been put on a path of being a client state of China, and Putin is completely one-hundred-percent responsible.

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