Two Cheers for the AG! Two Grand Juries are Investigating those Involved on January 6th

I am extremely happy to hear two grand juries are investigating January 6th, one looking at the rioters and the other looking at the fake electors, as reported in The Guardian:

The justice department has empaneled one grand jury in Washington to investigate the rally organizers, examining whether any executive or legislative branch officials were involved in trying to criminally obstruct Joe Biden’s congressional certification.

Another grand jury also appears to be investigating political operatives and lawyers close to Trump, including the ex-president’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani, over their involvement in a scheme to send fake Trump electors to Congress on January 6.

Hopefully, the fake elector grand jury can also look at Trump’s plan to suborn the constitution and his sedition actions, or they can impanel a third grand jury for that criminal behavior.


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