Trump Urges GOP to Injure Themselves Politically, Part One

It has become obvious that former President Trump is providing “political” advice to Republicans that is designed to hurt them.

Why else would he repeatedly warn GOP Senators not to vote for a bill that has 83% support of Americans?

From The Hill:

Some of the categories of possible infrastructure projects that garner the most bipartisan support include more funding for roads, bridges and shipping ports. Some 79 percent of Republican-identifying respondents reported favoring these infrastructural improvements, with 87 percent of Democrat-identifying respondents agreeing.

And 80 percent of Independent-voting respondents also supported these projects, bringing the overall average percentage of support to a strong majority of 83.

It is so clear and has been since the afternoon of January 6th that Trump’s butt-hurt-fueled rage and ruin about the election will bring just that to the feet of the GOP, rage, and ruin.

Who votes against the hard infrastructure of bridges and roads?

And who would take seriously butt-hurt Trump rage against roads and bridges, when his real “rationale” is that he didn’t get an infrastructure bill from Congress, so President Biden shouldn’t either.

Classic Trump its-always-all-about-me.

Only unbelievably short-sighted and politically obtuse would follow Trump’s advice on the bi-partisan infrastructure bill.

Seventeen Republican Senators, smart and clearly not afraid one bit of Trump, voted in the best interest of their State.

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