Trump stays on Message for Putin, because Trump is Putin’s Bitch

Seditious bastard, former president Trump, amped up the volume to try and protect Putin from American weapons raining death and destruction on the invading Russian army that has made war crimes a systemic part of their invasion, killing civilians by shelling and bombing, kidnapping Ukrainians and forcibly moving them to Russia to work as slave labor, along with executing and raping civilians as well as plundering their homes.

And Trump stays on message for Putin, first calling NATO a paper tiger, and now, Trump wants U.S. funding for Ukraine to end.

Why would Trump say NATO is a paper tiger?

NATO is not strutting and beating its chest like Trump — but is quietly taking the Russian Army and Air Force apart, piece by piece.

So, why would Trump want our support for Ukraine to end?

Trump backs Putin.

Trump will always back Putin when Putin really needs it.

That is because Trump is Putin’s bitch.

Trump is also lying or delusional since Russia’s armed forces are being taken apart, tank by tank being destroyed in one of the most epic military fails.  Simply put, NATO is giving the Ukrainians the ability to kick Russia’s ass, by proxy.

If NATO trained troops and airpower were involved directly in fighting the war in Ukraine, Russia would be defeated and in full retreat from Ukraine right now.

But Trump being Putin’s bitch, says NATO is a “paper tiger,” and now, Trump comes to the aid of Putin by trying to stop U.S. funding for Ukraine.

It is time to recognize how little Russia’s invasion, war crimes and criminal behavior means to Trump.

He could care less.

But he does publicly ask Putin to give Trump negative intelligence about President Biden’s son, that Russian intelligence may have or does have in its files.

A former President, who attempted to suborn the constitution and subvert the peaceful transfer of power in the United States asks the President of a foreign power for their intelligence services to help him undermine our sitting President, who is supplying weapons to Ukraine which was invaded by the same power Trump is asking a favor from.

Trump wants to be in Putin’s debt.

Trump likes being Putin’s bitch.  It’s comfortable for him.

But do we want Trump in Putin’s debt?

Of course, Putin will call the marker.

And at what point is Trump actively cooperating with a foreign intelligence service and creating a pro-dictator, pro-Putin fifth column in the United States?

Indeed, Trump is a seditious bastard.



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