Three hundredths of one percent — 0.03% — of Americans being Infected a day Alarms Fauci

Dr. Fauci recently said he was “very concerned” about 100,000 Americans a day being infected.

He has no sense of scale.

He is just a doctor pushing the notion that you can avoid being infected during a pandemic.

It is the nature of a pandemic that everyone is infected.

Social distancing, masks, and closing gyms and bars will slow the spread of the infection, but it will not stop it.

The only thing that will stop this virus is herd immunity through either a vaccine (which infects those who are vaccinated so their body produces anti-bodies) or most people being infected and being asymptomatic, healing, or dying.

In other words, the only way you end a pandemic is when everyone is infected, either by being vaccinated or being infected.

And his vaulted vaccine, even according to Fauci, won’t be ready until the summer of 2021, nor will it be 100% effective.  According to Dr. Fauci, he would be happy with a vaccine that is 70% or 75% effective.

Here’s why Fauci’s concern about 100,000 Americans being infected a day makes no sense:

At 100,000 Americans being infected a day by COVID-19, it would take more than 8.99 years to infect every American.

Here are the assumptions and math:


  • 328,239,523 Americans divided by 100,000 infections per day = 3,282 days to infect the entire American population.

​Convert 3,282 days into years:

  • 3,282 days divided by 365 days = 8.99 years to infect every American.

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