Those Calling for the Impeachment of Biden are Carrying Putin’s Water

Obviously, the United States is in the throes of a joint (Russian-led) Chinese-Russian psychological warfare operation to force extremist policies and suggestions into the American body politic.

This has a number of significant impacts, mostly, given the nature of social media, it radicalizes both sides of the political spectrum and the perfect and most distilled example of this is, well, the former President.

“Owning” the other side.

Or, the unending and mutual escalation of policies and prescriptions.

For example, calling for the impeachment of Biden over Afghanistan is hilariously idiotic.

It also serves Putin’s and the Chinese Communist Party’s interests.

They want division internally to extend beyond the border’s edge.

They relish it and encourage it through false flag social media operations and provocative posts and propaganda made to increase extremism.

Those calling for Biden’s impeachment are either wittingly or unwittingly co-operating with Putin’s psy-op.

Straight up, it’s foreign interference through the use of “useful idiots.”

One person who is not falling for it is Senator McConnell, thank God.

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