There is No Outside Savior Coming to Rescue Dems on Iowa Caucus Night

by Administrator
October 30, 2019

The “donor class is panicking” about the “growing uncertainty” regarding the Democratic Presidential race or that Joe Biden may face a “humiliating loss.”

Michelle Obama is the most likely to succeed out of the litany of names tossed about by hand-wringing Democrats who are worried, very worried that they will pick the wrong person to go up against Trump.

Bloomberg? Oprah? John Kerry? Hillary?

They all should ask Tom Styer how getting into the Iowa primary late is going? Ramping up a Presidential campaign takes weeks, no one can “hit the ground running,” which is why the current Dem presidential primary leaders began in January and February of this year, after months of behind the scenes planning.

No matter what your name recognition is or how much money you already have, anyone who has actually worked on a Presidential primary campaign will tell you, short cuts in U.S. Presidential primaries are urban legends. Strangely, the closer it is to Iowa caucus and New Hampshire vote, the more the legend grows about being able to “get into the race late,” even as the odds that those that actually did get in would win, go down precipitously every day they wait.

And the longer time goes by without anyone else getting, the less likely anyone else will get into the race. And it is very, very late already, less than 100 days to the Iowa caucus.

I predict, no one else will get into the race. It is too expensive, too time-consuming, too risky to lose the life they have built outside of politics.

Plus, even if they actually win the primary, what do they win? They win the opportunity to face President Trump in a national election.

This may sound like a noble endeavor, right up until it’s real and they sit and contemplate it in all its complexity.

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