The Word Pandemic means that Most will be Infected: A hypervigilant mom followed every health guideline. She still caught the coronavirus.

The people who believe they can stop being infected should really just stop, sooner or later, the virus will infect everyone.

This, from the Houston Chronicle:

It was the Thursday night before Memorial Day weekend when Rebecca Drobis, a 43-year-old mother of an infant daughter in Northwest Washington was suddenly awakened by a faint feeling of chills and wondered if she might be getting sick.

Drobis, a freelance photographer (she has previously worked for The Washington Post), had done everything she could think of to avoid the coronavirus. Her experience, recounted in a recent interview, captures how even a mild case of covid-19 can still be a harrowing ordeal – and how the myriad unknowns of the illness leave its victims without a clear sense of closure or control.

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