The Week: The woke revolution in American journalism has begun

Damon Linker, in The Week:

We’ve living through a revolutionary moment in American journalism right now.

It’s been building slowly over the past few years. A conservative or centrist pundit pens a controversial column — or a news story treats with empathy a person or group expressing views at odds with progressive convictions — and a firestorm ignites on Twitter, with staffers at the news organization that published the offending piece joining with peers at other outlets and ideologically allied readers in expressing fury at the decision to run the article or op-ed.

The volatile situation at The New York Times — with staff uproar upon the publication of a highly controversial op-ed by Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.) roiling the paper for days and leading to the resignation of editorial page editor James Bennet — has received the bulk of the coverage. But the situation at the Times isn’t the only example of staffers at news organizations rising up against perceived deviations from the progressive orthodoxy and demanding a greater say in (and veto power over) what gets published. When this has happened, at the Times and elsewhere, those holding the institutional power have capitulated.

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