The Unacceptably Unjust Death of George Floyd

From the Daily Signal:

For roughly a minute, Floyd shouts that he can’t breathe and that the officer is hurting him. Then, Floyd is suddenly silent. His body goes limp. He clearly has lost consciousness and it appears he may no longer be breathing.

But Chauvin continues using his knee to apply pressure to Floyd’s neck for several more minutes—minutes that feel like an eternity when watching them tick by for a handcuffed, unconscious man.

Increasingly panicked onlookers beg the officer to relent.

He does not.

Other officers on the scene do not attempt to assist either Chauvin or the distressed Floyd, but instead try to block bystanders’ view.

Chauvin calls for medical assistance, but still shoves his knee onto Floyd’s neck.

Floyd eventually was taken into an ambulance. He was pronounced dead just “a short time later,” according to news reports.

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