The U.S. Government’s UFO Report is a Pack of Lies, Wrapped Around One Truth

The fear and angst radiating off of the U.S. Government report on UFOs are so palpable and clear, it reveals the mindset of the pathetically small-minded, hand-wringing, bureaucratic cowards who wrote it.

The report is a pack of lies wrapped around one truth — that UFOs are real.

The following two lies are widescreen in the “report” and take various derivative forms of lies, but basically is the new U.S. narrative — we can not explain what more than 140 sightings are, but we can say:

  • There is no evidence that the UFOs are alien crafts or of alien origin; and,
  • The U.S. needs more and better sensors to determine what the craft are and their origins.

Some people say I should be happy that the U.S. government is admitting that UFOs exist.

That is like saying — you should be happy that the U.S. government is admitting planet Earth is round.

It is the sensor and “more information” part that is so ludicrous and open to ridicule.

When 60 Minutes and the New York Times aired and released the U.S. Navy pilots gun camera film of a UFO they said went into the ocean after hovering in the air, the video was black and white and was really dreadfully awful quality, so you just make out out the shape of the UFO.

The screenshots below are from this CNBC news report:

And now, look at gun camera footage from more than 80 years ago, from American fighters during World War II:

And another from World War II, but wait, it is in color:

When Walmart is selling a 50-inch, 4K resolution television for $328.00, what do you think the odds that the U.S. Navy has 4K video, in color, of UFOs from its fighter’s gun cameras?

But the images released to the public, and later the statement that the U.S. needs more sensors to figure out if the UFOs are alien or what they are, is another laughable joke the U.S. government is playing on the world — especially since the “report” states they have infrared, radar and multiple electronic signatures (and video) that the craft exists, along with pilots actually seeing the craft.

Of course, there is satellite imagery and video of UFOs shot from Earth or from the International Space Station that received zero play in the USG “report.”

But the government and the status quo interests all aligned to suppress and prevent any real information about UFOs or aliens or the various races of aliens.


Because the status quo interests wanted the public reaction to the U.S. government admitting the existence of UFOs to be a big yawn, a shoulder shrug, a big nothing burger.

And that is exactly what these cowardly report writers achieved — a ho-hum reaction from the internet.

Or Tweets like this.

One of my colleagues, Mr. John Young, said “love the Twitter link picture of Grover shrugging …. because it really was non-news in the way it was disclosed/unclassified.”

Young explains the government’s strategy this way:  “with all the jackwagons that went absolutely bat shit crazy and bought up all the toilet paper out of emotional fear in March 2020, a government has the responsibility to dose this over time. Like introducing children to the stove.”

Another colleague puts it this way, Americans can’t be so freaked out that “they stop paying their VISA bill.”

The U.S. government is not releasing the information they have about UFOs, but calibrating the information on UFOs to be released for the lowest common denominator of fear and freak-out in American society (for those the most fearful of any such news in the entire American population) because the U.S. government has no, zero interest (none at all) in any new views of aliens reordering society or, more importantly, cracking their monopoly on information about aliens and their craft, not to mention the various alien races that exist.

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