The Trump Talent for Chaos and Losing Elections

When former president Trump questions the legitimacy of his election loss in Georgia and Pennsylvania, and many Republicans genuflect at that altar, despite the lack of evidence, despite all Trump’s challenges being thrown out of every court in every state they were filed — then, given this, is it any wonder the Trumpians in those states will not accept the primary results if their Trumpian candidate does not win?

They will reject the results of their own State’s primary, simply because the Trumpians do not like the results.

And in the general election, the Trumpians will not participate in an election they deem unfair or corrupt.

And the result in Georgia and Pennsylvania will be that the Democratic Party candidates for U.S. Senate will win — and the Dems will keep control of the Senate.

The influence of the Trumpians who will not accept election results will be particularly acute in red states.

In Georgia, the non-acceptance of candidates has spread into the non-Trump world as well:

“I don’t think that these Trump-endorsed candidates are going to show up at a unity rally, if they lose. And I don’t think [Attorney General] Chris Carr and Brad Raffensperger are going to show up at something like that, if they were to lose,” said a person working with several Republican candidates, who requested anonymity to speak freely.

“I don’t see John Gordon showing up for Chris or Chris showing up for John Gordon, or Hice and Raffensperger. I don’t see Purdue showing up for Kemp,” said the person. “I don’t think that this is necessarily a good idea if, the visual is, the people who lose don’t show up. And I think that’s a distinct possibility.”

Thus is Trump’s talent for chaos and riling up both sides — and losing elections.

While it remains to be seen the extent of the GOP losses in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House, it is now clear that the Trumpian cancer and rot of discrediting and not accepting their electoral losses will conspire to elect Democratic candidates in — at least — Pennsylvania and Georgia, which, as  I said, will allow the Dems to keep control of the U.S. Senate.

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