The Silence from Joe Biden is Deafening, or, Where is Jill?

Recently, at the local cigar-watering hole in Washington, D.C., a legendary former Dem Senate staffer asked a simple question: Where is Jill Biden?

In other words, why hasn’t former Vice President Joe Biden’s wife rescued him from the creepy Joe Biden narrative?

When former Senator Vitter (R-LA) had a zipper problem that became public, his wife stood beside him at the press conference and the story died quickly. So Jill Biden’s silence begs some questions: i) does she want him to run for President? ii) has Joe gone one smell, kiss or hug too far, and she is teaching him a lesson? iii) are the rumors about the Secret Service canceling the Vice President’s Christmas Party because of the VP’s touching true?

And why is the Biden camp so silent?

They are probably doing their own internal oppo on the Vice President, trying to get their arms around (so to speak) the epic and almost infinite problem of women who may have told the VP that they will go public with an uncomfortable vignette, if he runs.

How many such women are there? Any? Some? Many?

Are there some who are staying silent and will pounce, with no advance warning, after he announces?

Can every woman’s story be tamped down or will it cause a precipitative drop or dip in his public support?

If the Biden camp can’t predict the outcome or control a list of women who may come forward, why does he run just to subject himself and family to that parade of horribleness?

But, of course, this narrative, in this blog, is simply speculation.

Everything could be perfectly fine.

Joe Biden’s silence has nothing to do with the Creepy Joe narrative.

It’s just his indecision that is causing his non-response to a steady drop in the polls.

Sure, not responding is always a great strategy.

Or, another campaign may have politically lethal oppo on Biden, and has told Biden: run, and it gets released.

Or there is a politically significant father or husband who has told Biden the same, but instead of a woman making the allegation it will be a man about his wife or daughter. Another Dem politician. Yuck.

But, like I said, it’s all just speculation on my part.

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