The Seditious Bastard (TBS) Keeps Lying

TBS has violated the Espionage Act.

That is one of the many reasons he is called The Seditious Bastard.

And he is repeatedly and purposefully lying about it.

Over and over and over again.

The fact that The Seditious Bastard is lying, goes without saying.

You cannot be The Seditious Bastard without lying.

And TSB lies to try and protect himself.

The latest big lie will be shredded in Court: The Seditious Bastard says he declassified the 300 classified documents he had “hidden,” among other places, in his office closet.

In fact, TBS did not attempt to declassify the documents he was holding because of three reasons:

  • TBS, while President, had no authority to unilaterally declassify anything — there is a process for every document to be declassified, and it involves the agency that classified the document, among others;
  • There is not a scintilla of evidence TBS had begun that process for any of the documents in his possession;
  • And finally, the reason TSB did not initiate the process for declassifying the Top Secret and Special Compartmentalized Information documents is because the U.S. national security apparatus would have first said: Hell, NO; and second, because TSB merely asking that these TS/SCI documents be declassified would have raised the question of whether TSB was a traitor and a Treasonous Bastard, in addition to being a Seditious Bastard, making him The Seditious and Treasonous Bastard.

TSB needs to be indicted soonest, tried, and sentenced.

As all events have confirmed since I first wrote it, TSB is guilty as F**k!

And a majority of the public wants to keep the investigations of TSB going; and a majority of Americans believe the fate of the country is a stake.

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