O’Neal: “The point is actually that the governor is fighting the wrong enemy.”

PA State Rep. O’Neal in the Observer-Reporter:

Many of us are familiar, by now, with the stoplight reopening plan that the governor’s administration has outlined. We have been told that we will move into each progressive stage based on science and data, but the Department of Health has consistently modified the way it reports. Other statistics, such as recoveries, have not been reported at all. There is very little explanation about what it takes to get from one phase to the next.

The administration also closed the doors of the Right-To-Know offices but claim to be operating with complete transparency.

Recently, he announced the formation of the Civilian Coronavirus Corps of Pennsylvania. The corps will be charged with tracking all of the citizens with whom a COVID-positive person may have come in contact and enforcing a 14-day quarantine period. It will consist of at least 1,000 people across the state. It will also be assisted by technology that uses your phone to track your whereabouts. Of course, the technology is said to be voluntary, but, like our mask policy, we could see that change at any time.

And yet, we find ourselves in lockdown. We are criticized by the very government that we, the people, have empowered. We are called “cowards” and “deserters” when we fail to outright dismiss our rights for the “public good.” We are threatened when we choose to question the authority of those making the decisions to restrict our freedom.

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