The New Math on the Floor of the U.S. House, Once Rep. Buck Resigns at the End of Next Week

The U.S. House is 219 + 213 + 3 vacancies = 435.

Once Buck resigns, it’s 218 GOP + 213 Dem + 4 vacancies = 435.

431 votes divided by two 216 to win a vote, assuming all 431 are voting.

If GOP two votes with Dems, it’s 216 to 215.

If three GOP votes with the Dems, it’s 216 for the Dems and 215 for the GOP.

If three GOP are absent or don’t vote, it’s 215 to 213 for the GOP.

If five GOP are absent, then it’s 213 to 213.

A tie vote means the measure fails to pass.


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