The Misplaced Fury Towards the American Unvaccinated

The judgment of the double vaccinated towards the unvaccinated has been swift and unrelenting.

It is also misplaced, badly misplaced.

Especially the refrain of how the unvaccinated are “breeding grounds” for Covid variants.

Let’s say roughly half of Americansare  unvaccinated, around 160 million Americans.

Delta is currently ripping through the unvaccinated population and could, among the unvaccinated, mutate to cause a new Covid variant.

However, the vast, vast majority of the unvaccinated are in other countries.

The current world population is estimated at 7.8 billion people.

The total number of vaccinations administered is now roughly 5.8 billion doses.

Even if you assumed that one dose equates with a vaccination (we know it does not) or that all vaccines are created equal in efficacy (we know they are not) then it leaves 2 billion people unvaccinated worldwide.

And if 160 million Americans are unvaccinated, these unvaccinated Americans make up only 8 percent of the total unvaccinated globally (if you assume one dose equals a vaccination, which it doesn’t.)

In other words, 92% of the unvaccinated live outside of the U.S., which is why all but one of the current “variants of interest” being tracked by the WHO were discovered outside of the U.S.

The moral chest-beating of the double vaccinated is also undermined by the simple fact that the number of infected, double vaccinated and hospitalized patients with Covid in my colleague’s wife’s hospital, has for weeks, stayed at roughly one-third, meaning that one-third of all those hospitalized in that San Francisco region hospital for Covid, were double vaccinated.

Recently, the one-third of vaccinated who were hospitalized because of Covid has now jumped to more than 40%.

This means a new variant that is vaccine resistant is putting the double vaccinated in the hospital, or Delta is becoming more vaccine resistant.

The reality is that the double vaccinated 40% of those hospitalized with Covid could also be the source of Covid variants.

Given the foregoing, the moralizing of those blaming unvaccinated Americans being the source of Covid variants is weak and self-agrandizing, and misplaced.

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  1. September 15, 2021

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