The Incompetence of Putin on Ukraine Knows No Bounds — It’s Now Clear He’s Wrecked the Russian Intelligence Services

Putin has jailed the leadership of his foreign intelligence service — just imagine if a U.S. president incarcerated 150 senior FBI and CIA officers — that is what Putin has done.

Putin has done this because he resolutely refuses to take responsibility for his failures — he is captain of the Russian ship — and so to create scapegoats, he is firing his underlings, underlings he supported and brought to the fore.

And a Captain that refuses to take responsibility for his failures, but blames his underlings, is not only dishonorable but also dangerously incompetent.

Putin is a little man with a big failure on his hands — and is blaming everyone but himself.

His incompetence is breathtaking considering that he and others in Russia believe in the strategic superiority of Russian intelligence services.

It may have been superior at one time.

It is now clear that Putin has destroyed the great strategic advantage the Russians have had or used to have, among the Russian intelligence services.

Now the world knows Putin has wrecked his own intelligence services.

As The Washington Post recently reported:

In U.S. and European intelligence circles, the FSB’s reputation stands in contrast to the ruthless, cunning reputation of its predecessor, the KGB. Several current and former officials described the Russian security service as rife with corruption, beset by bureaucratic bloat and ultimately out of touch.

Yet another thing that Putin has been responsible for is the collapse and failure of this key part of Russian society and government.

How long will Russia the state, the society, the cognoscenti will put up with Putin’s rank incompetence is an open question.

How long Putin lives is directly related to how far the Putin rot in Russia has spread?

Not only has he embarrassed the Russian intelligence services, but he has also humiliated the Russian military —  and exposed how the corruption of the Russian system has killed so many Russian soldiers because they could not communicate with each other or headquarters — and when they could, their communications were compromised, allowing the Ukrainians a great military advantage, which resulted in decisive Russian defeats, and deaths of their key leaders and generals overseeing the invasion.

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