The Four Reasons I am Predicting a Trump Win

There are four reasons that I am predicting a Trump win:

  1. Low Black Voter Turnout.  The gains President Trump has made in the are undeniable, from Ice Cube to Lil Wayne to sentencing reform, all work to lower Biden’s black vote numbers.  This is important in Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Cleveland, Madison, and Green Bay.   Trump wins the Election.
  2. Trump Voters who Lie to Pollsters.  The more the media irradiate President Trump as a racist, the more the media alienates voters who believe a) the media is calling Trump supporters racist, and b) those supporters do not believe they are racist.  They take out this anger in the ballot box.  Trump wins the election.
  3. Trump Stories Dominate the Media.   There is a predictor of Presidential victors which simply counts the number of times each candidate name appears in the news or social media.  The count this cycle is 4:1, Trump to Biden.  Trump wins the election.
  4. Hunter Biden Story.  This will profoundly hurt Biden with Bernie voters who really, really dislike any whiff of corruption.  It means Bernie voters sit on their hands and stay home.  The Greenwald drama has driven this story into the Bernie community of supporters.  Bernie voters stay home.  Trump wins.

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