The Cost of the GOP No Votes on Health Care Reform: High Levels of GOP Voter Support for M4A

High levels of GOP support for various Medicare for All proposals (see graph below) is a manifestation of Medicare for All filling the political vacuum left by the GOP health care reform failure.

The 60 percent GOP support to buy into Medicare at age 50 is not a one off result, other polls have confirmed this data.  But given the margin of error in this poll, and the sample size, this is likely the most accurate polling data that exists.

Simply put, those Members of Congress who could not get to yes, who got hung up on “if this bill doesn’t have this provision, the world will end,” so I have to withhold my vote from GOP health care reform, and therefore kill it — have energized and accelerated the push for Medicare for All, especially among Republicans.

The recent push back against the President’s effort to make the Republican party the party of health care, makes that it clear that the GOP Nos are still at No.

Therefore, not surprisingly, to both Wall Street and the voters, the only credible health care reform game in town is the Dems.


The GOP Nos are still at No, and will never allow any reform to pass that gets a majority of GOP votes, because the Nos have little support from their GOP colleagues on their policies and the Nos refuse to back what the vast majority of GOP members will support.

As a result of the Nos desire to kill any and all GOP health care reform because they can’t get what they want, Medicare for All is rising, and is now the mainstream position of the majority of Dem Presidential candidates.

The calculus for GOP supporters of M4A is simple:

Since the GOP can’t do anything to help me, why not back a version of Medicare for All?

Now, choices for these GOP voters are simple:

  1. Live with higher and higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays, or
  2. Take a chance they will pay less with Medicare for All.

No one but the GOP Nos – who ironically claim they are the strongest free market health care fighters – could have convinced almost a third (31%) of GOP polled to support Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All.

As predicted, the political costs of failure from the handful of Senate GOP Nos have and will continue to be catastrophic for free-market health care.

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