The Biden-Sanders Alliance Deepens — Plan a Public Option and Adding to the ACA

From the New York Times:

Allies of Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled a sweeping set of joint policy recommendations on Wednesday, a significant if tentative sign of cooperation among Democrats as Mr. Biden’s campaign continues its appeals to the progressive left.

Mr. Biden is expected to adopt many of the recommendations, which were submitted by six policy task forces and cover a wide range of issues including health care, criminal justice, education and climate change.

For all of the details, the lengthy recommendation document amounted to a collection of widely acceptable liberal proposals, many of which Mr. Biden has already embraced in his bid for party unity. And they come at a time when policy differences that stood out in the primary campaign have largely faded to the backdrop as Democrats look toward a shared goal: defeating President Trump.

Among the recommendations put forth by the health care task force are new health insurance programs for the duration of the pandemic. The task force suggested government-funded COBRA coverage for people who recently lost job-based coverage and the creation of a new Obamacare plan that would have no deductible and would be free for low-income Americans.

The document also adds new details to an existing Biden campaign proposal to create a “public option” plan, which would be run by the Medicare system to compete with private health insurers. That plan would include a no-deductible option. Low-income Americans who are not eligible for Medicaid would be automatically enrolled in the plan at no cost, though they could opt out if they wished. Anyone else would be eligible to buy it if they preferred it to other choices.

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