Terrorists Meet Violent End with “Flying Group of Steak Knives” Missile — Known as the U.S. Ninja Weapon

From The Jersusalem Post:

New videos of the “ninja” weapon have been released showing three recovered versions of it. The weapons that were recovered have letters and numbers on them and say AGM R9X. This isn’t exactly clandestine then, since leaving the name on the missile doesn’t make it plausible to deny its existence. Reports last year already provided evidence about the weapon’s existence to US media, a kind of warning to the al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliates that this flying group of steak knives backed by 100 lbs of Hellfire missile was coming for them.

The gruesome remains of the target in Al-Bab show what this weapon can allegedly do. The other remains from a car earlier this month in Idlib also show that the occupant was eviscerated. The car was covered in blood on the inside. The killing of the motorcyclist would be at least the fourth incident using this weapon. However, there are questions about whether this was the same munition used or something else happened to the man on the motorcycle. Since the US doesn’t comment on these strikes it might be impossible to know.

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