Speaker Rules Out Short Term Extension as President Trump Warms up Multiple Executive Orders

Trump called the two officials three times during the meeting and urged them to continuing negotiating, Meadows said.
But Mnuchin warned that the President is poised to act unilaterally if a deal isn’t struck by Friday, saying, “If we conclude tomorrow that there is not a compromise position on the major issues, the President has alternatives and executive orders.”
Earlier in the day, Pelosi rejected the possibility of a short-term extension of federal jobless benefits during her news conference, taking a hard line in demanding that Congress approve a large-scale stimulus package that the White House has so far rejected.
“We’re not having a short-term extension,” Pelosi said when asked if Democrats are ruling out an interim extension of the lapsed federal unemployment enhancement if talks collapse, a signal that restoring the benefit will be contingent on the White House and Democrats cutting a broader deal, which so far remains elusive.

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