Sorry Donald, you Seditious Bastard, the Republican National Committee is Not the Communist Party in Moscow

As far as I can tell, Donald Trump’s vision of himself as being anointed the “presumptive” nominee by the Republican National Party was an idea that came right out of the SVR committee in Moscow running Trump.

Oh là là!

There is no need for the Seditious Bastard to be annoyed by another candidate running for the, no, his nomination.

Especially a woman.

The Party should vote to install him, so says the Seditious Bastard.

The Seditious Bastards wants to continue his disrespect and degrade the importance of elections — especially the election to make him the party nominee.

I mean, can’t we skip all that, have a vote of the Party in Las Vegas this weekend, and declare the Seditious Bastard, the Republican nominee?

The Party would have a vote, right, that’s democracy, right?

Let’s disenfranchise the rest of the states who will vote in the Republican primary and install the Seditious Bastard, just as he insisted could happen to all his QAnon pals last year.

What the Seditious Bastard really needs to do is send Don Jr. out on the speaking circuit and explain how his Dad is a victim and, therefore, he needs to be installed as the nominee because, you know, it’s not fair.

Then, “The Party” can pay the legal bills because of the Seditious Bastard’s illegal actions.

All very Moscow, all very SVR, all very Putinesque.

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