Shame on the Attorney General.  Shame. Shame. Shame.

The reports, of which there are many, of the Justice Department finally waking up with scales falling from their eyes as to the degree of the sedition of the former President is sickeningly pathetic.

It appears to me that former President Trump’s plan was to mobilize an angry, armed mob to “rid me of this mettlesome priest” and to have Vice President Mike Pence chased down and killed or incapacitated, so President Trump could appoint General Flynn as Vice President.

With Vice President Pence out of the way, Trump would have his new Vice President disqualify enough States to give former President Trump the opportunity to have the question decided by the  U.S. House, where, at that time, he had the votes to win.

General Flynn appeared before the January 6th committee and General Flynn took the fifth to protect himself from self-incrimination, so he would not have to answer these questions: whether he thought the violence on January 6th was justified?

Or, whether General Flynn believed in the peaceful transition of power after a Presidential election?

These are foundational beliefs, and General Flynn refused to agree with them.

And the United States Department of Justice is wringing its hands over prosecuting the former President.

Shame on the Attorney General.  Shame. Shame. Shame.

If Trump is not indicted, for crimes that make Watergate look like a picnic, just what exactly does the Rule of Law mean to the Attorney General?

Why is the Attorney General going after the violent insurrectionists and rioters who entered the capital, while ignoring the mastermind behind Jan. 6 and the attempt to suborn the constitution and commit sedition to stay in power?

And why, if you are going after only those people, why aren’t they being charged with assault on a police officer?

Mr. Attorney General, you have all the evidence you need, actually, much more than you need — when will you indict former President Trump?

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