Senior citizens will be the ‘deciding factor’ in 2020 election

Seniors electoral power:

The most important bit of information in the ad is her age; she is 82 years old, and strategists and experts agree she and her peers may be the most important voting bloc in November’s election.

Not the suburban soccer mom, not the suburban security mom, not the NASCAR dad, and not the people showing up to protest in the streets.

“Senior citizens will decide the next president of the United States,” asserts Jeff Brauer, political science professor at Keystone College in Factoryville, Pennsylvania.

While those 65 and older have long been a powerful voting bloc, this year, given the context of the election, Bauer said their vote will be the difference-maker.

“Senior citizens vote in presidential elections at the rate of 70% or more. They consistently show up to vote more than any other age group, and the current senior population is growing as baby boomers continue to enter this age group,” he said.

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