Seditious Bastards Don’t Deserve Executive Privilege

The notion that the former President should be given the consideration of, or allowed to have Executive Privilege around the investigation into his actions on January 6th, 2021 is laughable.

The fact that he was President at the time is exactly why he should not be given Executive Privilege, and exactly why the precedent for voiding any notion of Executive Privilege for sedition and suborning the Constitution should simply not be created.

President Biden took exactly the correct course by denying the former President Executive Privilege regarding the investigation of January 6th, 2021, specifically, the former President’s actions.

Can’t wait for the former President’s sedition to be laid out in detail, and a recommendation made to the Justice Department that he be indicted for sedition and treason.

The real vein of evidence will be if the January 6th Committee expands its investigation into the former President’s plans and discussions of the implementation of martial law.

Let’s hope the former President is put on trial, by the Department of Justice, after the January 6th Committee concludes its work.

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