Scientists found 40 mutations of the Wuhan virus on the tiny island of Iceland with 364,000 people

From Information:

The Icelandic health authorities have found 40 coronavirus mutations among infected people in the country. A single person has been found to be infected with two variants of new coronavirus.

The health authorities, in collaboration with the private genetics company DeCode Genetics, tested 9,768 people for coronavirus. But you have not only tested for coronavirus infection. A complete gene sequencing of the infections found has also been performed.

“We can see how viruses mutate,” explains Kári Stefánsson, director of DeCode Genetics for Information.

»We have found 40 island-specific virus mutations. We found a person who had a mixture of viruses. They had viruses from before and after the mutation, and the only infections traceable to that person are the mutated virus. “

In addition to assisting the Icelandic health authorities in conducting tests, DeCode Genetics has carried out the gene sequences of the coronavirus cases found – both the cases found by the authorities and the cases found by the company itself.

In this way, the detail has been able to trace the spread of the infection in the small Icelandic community, which has just over 364,000 inhabitants.

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