Resist the Temptation to Believe the Impeachment Process Means More Legislation Passes in Washington, D.C.

by Administrator
September 27, 2019

In the best of possible circumstances, passing any legislation in today’s political environment is exceedingly difficult.

The steady decline of the percentage of bills passed of those introduced, from the 15% range during the first Bush presidency to the 2% range now, under Trump, means that the impeachment inquiry and vote will only cause even fewer bills to pass.

The next time someone breathlessly tells you that something, some piece of legislation will pass because of the impeachment hearings, process or coming vote, just look at them and wonder what sort of mental gymnastics it takes to believe that the impeachment process, or actually impeaching Trump, makes passing legislation more likely.

Partisan trench warfare, increased political instability, and general political chaos in the United States equal less legislation passing, not more.

Even back in President Obama’s day, when things were like a walk on the beach compared to the partisanship and rancor now, Obama knew that his accomplishments would be through Executive Action — new Executive Orders and new regulations — rather than legislation.

And that was then.

The problems facing Congress and the White House to pass any legislation are now infinitely worse.

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