RealClearPolitics has Gone off the Deep End in their House and Senate Midterm Predictions

Here is a screenshot of RealClearPolitics House and Senate Midterm predictions from today’s front page of RealClearPolitics — the Kool-Aid is strong with this one:

The only way you can get to where RCP has arrived is to ignore the midterm election impact of:

  1. the significant internal divisions in the GOP over 1/6 and Trump’s recent behavior and statements and,
  2. the Dobb’s Supreme Court case impact on new female voters registering to vote, and Justice Thomas’s statement that contraception and gay marriage are the next targets of the Court.

The RCP screenshot (above) is straight-up fantasy land — but it does reflect what I hear from GOP campaign operatives.

It never ceases to amaze me some of the smartest political operatives in the GOP simply have a massive blind spot when it comes to Trump and his negative election-day impact — they simply attribute zero impact on election day to Trump’s behavior on 1/6, his encouragement of QAnon with his statement he should be installed as President immediately or his illegal holding on of classified documents.

To every single Republican campaign operative I speak to, all of Trump’s behavior will have zero impact on the mid-terms — they do not take any of it into impacting their assessments or predictions.

Uh huh.

Alrighty then.


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  1. October 17, 2022

    […] RCP, as of today, is at an average GOP gain of 27 seats in the House — here is why I think they’ve gone off the deep end. […]

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