Putin’s Stated Strategy: Starve “tens of millions” in the Middle East, to Create a Refugee Crisis for the West

It is hard to imagine a more evil strategy than starving women and children to the point you create a refugee crisis by denying grain exports from Ukraine.  This, Putin believes, will cause the West to “blink first.”

This is exactly how Putin’s hard-line Kremlin ally described their strategy of starvation to the European media:

The Kremlin’s aggressive stance seems to reflect the thinking of Nikolai Patrushev, the hawkish head of Russia’s Security Council, who served with Putin in the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) KGB and is increasingly seen as a hard-line ideologue driving Russia’s war in Ukraine. He is one of a handful of close security advisers believed by Moscow insiders to have access to Putin. In three vehemently anti-Western interviews given to Russian newspapers since the invasion, the previously publicity-shy Patrushev has declared that Europe is on the brink of “a deep economic and political crisis” with rising inflation and falling living standards already impacting the mood of Europeans, and that a fresh migrant crisis would create new security threats.

“The world is gradually falling into an unprecedented food crisis. Tens of millions of people in Africa or in the Middle East will turn out to be on the brink of starvation — because of the West. In order to survive, they will flee to Europe. I’m not sure Europe will survive the crisis,” Patrushev told Russian state newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta in one of the interviews.

Or has one European observer stated, Putin and Patrushev:

hopes the Ukraine grain blockade will “lead to instability in the Middle East and provoke a new flood of refugees,” said Sergei Guriev, former chief economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Putin and Patrushev the barbarians are bringing back the Russian imperialist tactic of Holodomor, starving women and children for political gain — just like Russia did to the Ukrainians in the 1930s.

This victory-through-hunger campaign can be stopped by sinking the Russian ships that are enforcing Russia’s naval blockade in the Black Sea.

The math on this is not hard: sink the Russian ships enforcing the grain blockade in the Black See to save women and children from hunger and displacement from their homes in the Middle East.

It is the correct moral choice to sink the Russian ships.

It is the correct military choice to sink the Russian ships.

It is the correct policy choice to sink the Russian ships.

It is the correct political choice to sink the Russian ships.

It is the correct economic choice to sink the Russian ships.

It is time to take out the Russian ships enforcing the grain blockade.

They need to be sunk ASAP.

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  1. June 5, 2022

    […] Russia has made starvation of “tens of millions” in the Middle East its national policy to trigger a refugee crisis that will distract and hurt the West and Macron wants not to humiliate Russia? […]

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