Putin Absurdly Warns the West: “we haven’t even yet started anything in earnest”

Putin’s recent statement that “we haven’t even yet started anything in earnest” in Ukraine is a straight-up bluff and chest-puffing bluster.

Putin has no troops to raise his military tempo in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the fact that Putin is straight out lying about Russian capabilities is highlighted by the fact Putin is making these puffery statements about Russian military capabilities.

It may mean that Putin simply has not been told, and/or refuses to listen or to understand the extent of the Russian losses and the new reality of Russian military and intelligence failures and weakness.

No one believes the Russian military can carry out Putin’s threats.

It is like he is standing on a garbage heap while insisting to the world it’s gold.

His statements are even more absurd given he is making them as he’s insisting that Ukraine agree to Russian terms of keeping the land they’ve taken and other absurd Russian demands.

Putin’s reality, despite the fact that he’s saying the opposite to make himself feel better, is a whole lot like the famous cry of Augustus, the Roman emperor, who cried out “give me back my legions!”

It may be he made these absurd statements for domestic political purposes, for internal propaganda reasons.

And on the outer edge of absurdity, bordering on delusional, are the weird and tortured threats Russia recently made about invading Alaska!

And all of the foregoing makes the case clearly, that Putin needs to die, and soon.

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