Politico Playbook: No Unity or Agreement on Republican Side for Pandemic Bill Priorities

From Playbook:

AS OF NOW, REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS aren’t saying much about the coronavirus relief negotiations. But here’s what some people involved told us privately Tuesday:

— “THE TWO PARTIES ARE SO FAR APART that it is extremely difficult to envision getting any kind of compromise by the end of July.”

— ANOTHER SOURCE involved in the talks put it this way: 0% chance there will be a bill passed by the end of July, 40% chance there is a bill by mid-August.

— A THIRD SOURCE suggested that Republicans are irreparably split, and they’ll never be able to find unity in their fractured conference.

EVERYTHING SAID DURING A CONGRESSIONAL NEGOTIATION is posturing, in some way, shape or form. Each side is trying to gain leverage over the other by talking tough, saber-rattling and generally trying to throw the other side back on its heels.

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