Politico: Left-wing forces, including antifa and others, insist that “Riots and looting” are “a legitimate and profound form of protest”

From Politico:

For Donald Trump, cities are crime-ridden, infested with rioters and looters, and overseen by liberal mayors who are either absent or complicit—or often both. But among the cities about which the president has railed though this summer of unprecedented protests, Portland has stood out as his personal punching bag. He has called it a “mess” (and “has been for many years,” apparently) and dispatched unmarked federal agents to the city. Just this week, Trump’s Justice Department singled out Portland as an “anarchist jurisdiction,” one in which city leaders have “permitted violence and destruction of property” and from which the White House is now threatening to withhold federal funding if the city doesn’t change course.

Trump has misleadingly blamed the city’s agitation solely on the far left, conveniently ignoring the role armed, far-right groups play in fomenting the violence. But when Trump says that Portland has “been burning for many years,” as he recently told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham, he’s not necessarily wrong.

..Left-wing forces, including Antifa and others, insist that “Riots and looting” are “a legitimate and profound form of protest”…

…Late last month, an Antifa supporter named Michael Reinoehl shot and killed Aaron Danielson, a prominent Patriot Prayer member. A video captured Danielson’s final moments—the footage of which has already spread far and wide.

“People are going to watch that video over and over and over until they get to the point they’re on the brink of pulling the trigger on someone else. That video is a radicalization tool,” Johnson said, pointing to similar footage out of places like Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Just like a foreign fighter would go to Syria or Ukraine—it’s the same experience. You’re on the ground, seeing the deterioration of civil order, and it reinforces your little wet dream of an apocalyptic outcome.”

As head of the Oath Keepers, America’s largest militia, said after the Portland shooting, “Civil war is here, right now.”

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