Politico: Hickenlooper stumbles in must-win Senate race for Democrats

Dems concerned about the state of the Colorado Senate race, from Politico:

Colorado is a must-win state for Democrats as they attempt to seize control of the chamber in this fall’s elections. Democrats hope the race alters course after the primary to focus on Trump and Gardner, who are both underwater in polls. But the recent string of bad news has kept the focus squarely on Hickenlooper and given Romanoff — and Republicans — ammunition to strike.

One Democratic consultant in the state, who requested anonymity to share a candid assessment, described the errors as a “s—show.” The consultant predicted Hickenlooper would prevail and be favored against Gardner, but said “it’s just going to be a lot harder than it should have been.”

Hickenlooper apologized after comments recently resurfaced where he compared political schedulers to slave masters with whips. And he also said he tripped over his words after saying that Black Lives Matter meant “every life matters” during an online forum in late May.

In particular, some Democrats questioned the handling of the Independent Ethics Commission case against him. The hearing was delayed in March because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Hickenlooper offered to testify in person later this year, but the commission went forward with a virtual format over his objection.

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