Podcast with Front Line Doctor North of Milan Yesterday — His First Time Home in 21 Days — Briefs on What is Like in His Hospital

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  • Daily, he receives 50 to 70 patients with severe pneumonia due to the coronavirus.
  • Five surgery wards and Emergency Room and Respiratory Wards have been converted to coronavirus.
  • His hospital has 1,000 beds.
  • He has had to teach other specialists how to treat these patients.
  • 460 nurses are at home sick or with total burnout or are in quarantine.
  • The hardest part has been to treat other doctors and nurses who have the virus.
  • We cannot allow the relatives to come to the hospital, so they won’t get infected.  We do not have enough protective equipment for relatives.
  • The patients are alone and they die alone.  The family sees them at the hospital and then they do not see them.
  • The relative call and the person are already dead, even though the doctors try to call the relatives every day, sometimes in the chaos, you cannot.
  • The choices doctors make are gut-wrenching.   We have hundreds of sick patients.  But we only have tens of ICU beds.  We have gravity scores for patients that were developed for a different time.  Now we need a score that will help give us the probability of survival.  The higher the score today is the older and sicker.  Now, we have to give the bed to those in their 40s or 50s.
  • It is a terrible tool.  We have to use this terrible tool unless you reduce the rate of infection.  People have to stay home to stop the spread.
  • You have two choices: close all the activities of the people or use the terrible tool.

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