Piers Morgan: Insane Liberals are Going to get him re-elected by destroying statues of American heroes and rioting in the streets

Morgan in the Daily Mail:

somehow, unbelievably, Trump’s opponents are once again doing everything in their power to wrestle another defeat from the jaws of seemingly inevitable victory.

If you were scripting an escape route for Trump it would involve liberal protesters tearing down statues of America’s greatest icons, liberal leaders allowing virtual anarchy on the streets to go unpunished, and a dramatic intensifying of the absurdly self-defeating culture war nonsense that makes many Americans fear the very soul of their nation is being dismantled.

From a position of unprecedented weakness, Trump is now fighting back with his clunky but undeniably effective triple whammy ‘America first’ fist of patriotism, toughness and common sense.

Or rather, he’s being hauled off the ropes by his opponents losing their minds.

This insanity has reached its peak over the past few days as protesters set about destroying monuments to some of America’s most beloved historical figures.

In Portland, Oregon, they draped an American flag around a 100-year-old statue of the first president, George Washington, set it on fire, pulled the statue down and then urinated on it.

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