Pelosi Begins Drawing Up Next Pandemic Bill to Be Ready When Congress Returns April 22

From Bloomberg:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has begun assembling a next round of stimulus legislation that would include significant funds for cash-strapped states facing record revenue shortfalls and more direct payments to individuals.

Just three days after the largest economic relief package in U.S. history was enacted, Pelosi said Monday she is aiming to have a bipartisan bill ready to vote on when the House returns from recess after April 20.

….“If the crisis continues for substantially longer I have no doubt that the Congress will have to act again,” Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz said Monday on Bloomberg Television.

….Education and Labor Chairman Bobby Scott said Democrats want to mandate that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration set enforcible standards for guarding against airborne diseases for health care workers and expand regulations to cover more workers, including individuals working at grocery stores and other essential businesses.

“It is clear we need to do more and that is particularly true in the case of protecting health care workers and front-line responders,” Scott said.

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