NYT Poll: Here’s What Voters Think About Who Biden should Pick for V.P.

From The New York Times:

In the six most important battleground states, voters’ professed indifference to race was even stronger. Nine in 10 registered voters in those states said race should not be a factor in Mr. Biden’s choice of running mate, including 91 percent of black voters and 85 percent of Hispanics.

The polls had margins of sampling error of 1.8 percentage points in the battleground states and three percentage points nationally.

Mr. Biden’s eventual choice is certain to face intensive scrutiny, in part because of Mr. Biden’s age. If he is elected, Mr. Biden, currently 77, would be the oldest president ever on the day of his inauguration, and he would turn 80 about halfway through his term, a reality that worries some voters.

Mr. Biden has said he is looking for someone who shares his overall approach to governing and who would be prepared for the presidency “on Day 1.” He has also said he would prefer a running mate with strengths that complement his own, as well as someone who would be willing to challenge him rather than being cowed by the office of the presidency.

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