New York Magazine: “Bernie Sanders is currently favored to win the nomination”

From New York Magazine:

“It is always darkest, John McCain used to say, before it gets totally black. So it is for the American center-left right now. Bernie Sanders is currently favored to win the nomination…”

Sanders “has consolidated the support of the party’s left-wing, and while its mainstream liberal wing is split between numerous contenders, it is hard to see how the situation is likely to improve soon. Indeed, it could get worse, much worse.”

Thus, they are implicitly acknowledging that Biden and Warren are in decline, as I wrote here, yesterday.

And the New York Magazine acknowledges Senator Klobuchar could displace Biden:

“It is possible that by this point, Biden will have been supplanted in the center-left lane by Pete Buttigieg or even Amy Klobuchar.”

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