Navarro pitches executive action to cut dependence on medicine made abroad

CBS News:

As the coronavirus promises to strain the nation’s supply chains, top White House trade adviser Peter Navarro says he’s delivering an executive action to President Trump intended to decrease U.S. dependence on foreign pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and bring that manufacturing to the U.S.

“What I can speak to is this broader, interesting issue of how dependent the United States of America is on the global supply chain, not just for its medicines but for its medical supplies and medical equipment,” Navarro told CNBC’s Squawk Box Monday, as stocks plummeted amid the worsening economic impact of the virus.

Navarro, in a recent interview with CBS News, said the impending executive action he has been working on would tighten domestic procurement by requiring federal agencies looking to purchase pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to “Buy American.” The medical supply chain has been a concern — face masks and other necessary medical equipment are made in China, where this strain of coronavirus is believed to have originated.

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